Thursday, April 20, 2017

Physical Security: It Works

     They say, "Locks only stop an honest man," but down at Bradis Guns, on the southwest side of Indianapolis, locks, block walls and a stout door stymied would-be thieves, who tried to use a couple of stolen cars to ram their way into the building and then tried to shoot the lock off the front door.

     It didn't work.  They drove away empty-handed.  Police are looking for a black Hyundai Accent, presumably a bit dented.


Anonymous said...

Locks matter but most of them are crap

fillyjonk said...

"Locks may only stop an honest man," but they also make a lazy burglar move on down the road to a house that might be unlocked.

(A lot of folks where I live STILL leave their doors unlocked. I have too much experience with living in a city center to ever be able to do that again. I even lock the door if I'm going into the backyard for more than a minute)

Anonymous said...

Bollards. Big. Massive:

RandyGC said...

What fillyjonk said. Locked doors also cause enough noise and take enough time to get through to prepare a proper welcome for your guests.