Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stan Lee Is Gone

     He wasn't young -- 95?  Few people ever get there -- and I wasn't a huge fan of comicbooks* and yet--  It's surprisingly saddening.  The guy who wrote those funny/snarky things in the back of the better comics and signed off with "Excelsior," gone?  The fellow who put in a cameo in movies featuring characters from magazines he edited, always there in the background, no more?

     It's painful.  I'm going to miss him. A little of my childhood goes with him.  A little of a lot of people's childhoods goes with him.

* His preferred version of the word, according to some sources. 


Paul said...

yes, he will be missed. Although some of the movies he made of late, not sure. Now the fight over the estate.

Ken said...

He had a good long run, and did durn good work.

Ave atque vale...and excelsior.