Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Wind Chill Is Nine

     Nine degrees above zero, mind you; I wouldn't want people to think I was exaggerating.   The thermometer sits at nineteen, which is plenty cold enough.

     Over the weekend, the weather did call for a cold snap followed by gradual warming late in the week and a return to seasonal temperatures over the weekend -- but not this cold.  On the other hand, the early forecast missed the snow, too, and we've had plenty enough to make streets and sidewalks slick.

     Not much to be done except remember August.  And think of the Spring.  Three months and a few days to go!


Zendo Deb said...

Completely off-topic. (Though I hate this weather. Just got off the phone with someone in Florida.)

The "Picture of the Week" might be of interest to you. (page down 2 page 2 in the PDF.)

Drang said...

"Picture of the Week" looks like the server room at Field Station Korea "back in the day."
"There are only two of these systems in the world, the one at FSK and the one (here) at Ft Devens they train people on... and the one at FSK has been jury-rigged so many times the training at Devens is pointless..."
(IIRC, it was based on a PDP11, but was nearly unrecognizable.)

Carteach said...

Stay warm... best wish I can offer. WC is only 23 here, But I just loaded the wood stove and hunted down my wool hat. 4am happens.... sigh.

rickn8or said...

Zendo Deb, I'm sure it's all documented...

And in brighter news, it's only three weeks and two days to the Solstice!