Sunday, December 23, 2018

"I'm Not Standing Still For You!"

     It's one thing, Rannie being the sort of cat who occasionally bites people's ankles.  I don't like it, but she is a cat, after all, and that is something that they have been known to do.

     It's another thing to be a grumpy cat.  A cat Rannie's age is entitled to a certain rather large amount of grumpiness.

     But it's something else entirely to be a cat who gets very grumpy with a person who won't stand in one place to be bitten.

     Rannie likes to make a couple of trial passes first, not-quite smoothing on my ankles, getting lined up, working out range and distance before closing in to nip.  And if I take heed of her efforts and step away, she utters plaintive, annoyed yowls.  How dare I!  So rude!

     All ways are the cat's ways -- except for this.  No, Rannie, I will not stand still to be bitten.

     She's telling her woes to one of her toy mouse-babies right now.  At last count, she had four on my bed, which all arrived after I changed the bedding last night.

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pigpen51 said...

I have a Shitzhu/Poodle mix, and he is a little goofball, he has stopped the biting, for the most part, but when he was a puppy, with those tiny, needle sharp teeth, he would draw blood at times. I talked to my vet, and he said that sometimes, those breeds of dog, are a handful, as far as them wanting to be in charge. He knew what he was saying, because it was exactly like that. It got better after he was fixed, he did calm down some, but I think for the most part, it was just him being a puppy, and wanting to play, but not knowing his own strength.

I read the postings about the canned meats, like Spam, Treet, and corned beef. I like all of them, but I usually don't buy Treet anymore, just because I don't like it as well as Spam, and they sit right next to each other on the shelf. Of course, Treet is about half the cost, but I can get several sandwiches out of a can of Spam, and so I don't figure that it is a big deal.
Corned beef is kind of expensive, but I still buy it, because it too will last several days. We have Armour and Hormel for domestic brands, but we have several different brands at the various stores around, including some of the convenience stores. Most of them are from Brazil, and seem to be good quality also. I think that I found a brand from New Zealand, or Australia, I can't remember for sure, but it must have been good, or it would have stuck in my mind better. It really does suck to start to get old, and know that your mind doesn't work like it used too! I never used to have trouble with either remembering names or words, but now, I will start to type a word, and have to put something else, because I either can't remember how to spell it, or even can't remember the word I just started to write two seconds ago.
In any case, have a Merry Christmas, at your homestead. May Santa bring joy and happiness, in the form of something shiny and fun.