Sunday, December 16, 2018

Lower. Back. Pain.

     I don't know what I did -- worked in a very tight space last week, got myself a new set of kidney stones, or having failed to make the proper sacrifices at the correct altars all being plausible possibilities, with a side order of ten-year-old-mattress (it's complicated: replaced one awhile back but not the other) and minor yard work.  But it's painful indeed and sleeping on a hot pad didn't help.  It's been getting worse over the past four days.

     OTC painkillers have been taking the edge off so far.  Just took the day's first and hoping for the best.

     Of course, whatever remains of Family Christmas -- fragmenting after my mother's passing, with seven or eight young families of the generation after mine forming their own connections and gatherings -- is today.  I'll probably just drop off gifts.


Merle said...

hope it's not kidney stones - they are a real bear!
Doc told me to give up drinking Mtn Dew by the bucket - unless I wanted to do this over again.

I didn't, so I very nearly quit the Dew... :(

Drang said...

Hopefully it's "just" that you overdid... something... like working in tight spaces, or shoveling snow, especially you don't need to do it again.

LargeMarge said...

Could your back pain be caused by something you ate?

Maybe your gut got overloaded, those stressed nerves got inflamed, and the supporting muscles reacted.

If this's the case, a very bland diet for a few weeks might help to stabilize your system. Avoiding nuts / seeds, grains, alcohol / coffee, the usual suspects == soy, oils such as sunflower soy corn safflower. Is it worth a shot?

It's your health...