Sunday, December 30, 2018

Yes, I Have Posted Nothing All Day

     I lazed about.  Finally bestirred myself to go to the store about five p.m. to get some food, including New Year's supplies.  Imagine my horror to discover that not only did our corner market not have any corned beef, they haven't received any from the mother ship!

     So tomorrow, I'll have to look elsewhere.  Seriously, what kind of supermarket chain fails to stock corned beef for New Year's -- and, for that matter, blackeyed peas?  They normally have a few cans on the shelf -- all sold out, and no sign they'd stocked extra.  Heathens.  At least they had cabbage.

     Dinner tonight, a deli pork roast and chicken breast, cut bite-sized and heated up with shishito peppers while they were blistering, with fresh microwave-steamed, halved Brussels sprouts (with garlic cloves and diced orange bell peppers) on the side.  I fried some basmati rice Tam had gotten with her Indian takeaway lunch to add to my meal.  Some sumac on the shishitos for a lemony kick (a real chef uses real lemon but I didn't know to buy any and I had sumac), and leftover hot, red, oniony Indian hot sauce for the meat: a fine meal, with very little work.


Carteach said...

Who says you must post daily? Life is the point.

No idea what NY's dinner shall entail. Perhaps we will pick up some form of beast and roast it. Nothing stands out. It;s been ages since a really good roast beef....

Roberta X said...

I say I must post daily.

John in Philly said...

Daily posting, "So let it be written, so let it be done."

We brought home some small cabbages from a visit to our farm friends, and I see Haluski in our future. We do go totally non traditional and add a can of drained green peas.