Monday, December 10, 2018


     It's frustrating -- when I am minded to write, I barely have a free minute.  When I have available time, I'm too sleepy or off on other things.  But I'm doing what I can.

     Hoping to get enough new stuff together to do a little collection.  There are a couple of novels in the pipeline after that, one in the main "USAS Lupine"  storyline and another one set during the War that tells the story of a Far Edge researcher and a USSF radio operator.  Then there's the still-developing story of how the Earth was very nearly rammed by an asteroid deflected by a rogue Far Edge mercenary, and how the lone survivor of a USSF expedition prevented it (with a little help from level-headed types on both sides).  That one's even got space pirates! 


rickn8or said...

And I'll bet all these came to you while you didn't have time to write.

And when you sat down to write... nothin'.

(Not that I'd know anything about that.)

Roberta X said...

Actually, no. Most of them are pieces which I have been working on for some time and have written quite a lot of. I lack time and energy, is all.

Home on the Range said...

We've had so many major restoration projects on the old bungalow that were QUITE noisy, that I've not written in a year. Now that it's quieted down the muse seems to be asleep. But let your stories come as they will. They are wonderful.