Sunday, September 08, 2019

Sunday Worries

     Tamara's cat, Random Numbers "Rannie" Wu, is very old; we call her "Venerable Wu," often as not.  And now she is ill, with some kind of upper respiratory infection.  It became obvious yesterday. She will be going to the doctor Monday, if not sooner.  She's mostly sleeping, with occasional trips to the water bowl or litter box. 

     Rannie has taken to sleeping in the crook of my elbow at night, which I find absolutely charming; at one point after the move from Knoxville to Indianapolis, she was so vexed with me that I couldn't bring a hand near her without it being hit.  Forgotten, though probably not forgiven: Ms. Wu does enjoy her grudges!  Nevertheless, I think we're friends now, and I worry about her.

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pigpen51 said...

That is not good news. I hope you are able to nurse this special friend back to health. I know just how important our animal friends are.