Monday, September 30, 2019

Up Early, Underway Early?

     Sure hope so.  It turns out there's a weekly conference call for a set of projects -- a call right at the very first instant of my work day!

     All of us Engineering clock-punchers have shifts that begin and end at uncommon times, done in order to ensure there's someone around and not changing shifts at the most critical times.  It works well until you've got to interface with the salaried types who work conventional hours and then--

     Well, then my time, costly though it is, is worth considerably less then theirs, so it's up to me to adjust. 


Bruce Friend said...

I once explained maker time vs administrator time to a CIO. He did not appreciate it as there was no way that he could understand the concepts. I might have well have been speaking

I only read blogs Mon-Fri, so Monday is a catch up day. I have been reading and enjoying yours for years. I have been employed by a broadcasting company a few times in the past and I'm also a ham. I understand the need to simplify and want to add my voice to those that ask you not to stop completely. Post when you feel like it. I still check the Retrotechnologist page every couple of weeks to see if there is something new.

Thanks for your efforts!

RandyGC said...

I always appreciated it when someone in management would recognize and try to accommodate the schedules of the "trick trash". The whining of the "day whores" when they had to adjust their schedules early or late was particularly satisfying ("Welcome to the party pal!")

Roberta X said...

I feel like my time might be better spent adding to Retrotechnologist or I Work On A Starship.

Rick T said...

I'd love to read more about the Hidden Frontier and the Lupine's travels...