Friday, February 07, 2020

Slippin' And Slidin'

     Schools are delayed this morning, at least in the "ring" counties surrounding Indianapolis.*   Last night when I left work, up at the isolated North Campus, the long, paved lane was a sheet of glass; we'd had snow and sleet all day, with the temperature hovering near freezing.  Overnight wasn't much different, except for being just cold enough to freeze all the water already on the roads and add a layer of wet snow.

     It's not much snow.  If you live where the stuff piles up all winter and the drifts have, by now, passed ear level, you'd barely notice.  But that's the problem: roads change from damp to wet to frozen without looking any different -- the tires of you car know the difference, though, and so will you, sometimes just a little bit too late.

     It's no fun.  It's less fun when you many motorists around you have yet to learn that four-wheel drive does not carry over to four-wheel stop.

     Be careful on the roads today, please.
* Indianapolis and Marion County being one and the same, thanks to Unigov.

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