Monday, February 03, 2020

They're Here!

     The tree guys arrived, neither too early nor too late.  They are presently looking up at the very big tree in the back yard and pondering.

     It's not impossible; it's not even the most difficult one they've seen this year.  But it's not easy -- there's a lot of tree, not very much yard, and rather a lot of power and telephone wiring that passes under the canopy.


rickn8or said...

What fun is it if you make it too easy for them?

RandyGC said...

If it were easy, anyone could play.

Douglas2/Unknown said...

The other day I heard a chainsaw as I was drinking my morning coffee, and, as you do, got up to look out windows to see what was up.

Across the street were a pair of tree-cutters, with the homeowner pointing out to them a row of tall old pines. They then proceeded to suit up with all the appropriate gear, pull ropes out of their vehicle, and get started. Their helmets were Petzl.

What I found most incongruous, however, was their vehicle -- when they suited up, they were pulling gear out of the massive trunk of a clean white Cadillac DTS land-yacht.

I watched them for a bit, they were obviously pro - quick, efficient, but working safe at every step. Their choice of truck just struck me as unusual.

waepnedmann said...

This is an EXPENSIVE project, but worth it.
Last fall I had the giant oak in the front yard trimmed to the tune of $3000.
There was a large limb over the house that was worrisome.
Last February's unusually heavy snow had this area looking Iike the aftermath of an artillery barrage.
The oak only lost a couple of small limbs.
No real damage.
One can handle maintenance on your schedule or nature's schedule.
Between the Carr Fire, the Camp Fire, and February's snow storm, the people who own heavy equipment and the tree service folks got well last year.
I see a lot of shiney new euipment and people wanting work done are still on a looong waiting list.