Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Working From...Away

     I have been sent off to the North Campus, unstaffed for many decades, with some Official Letters and IDs authorizing me to travel even if there's a ban (which we don't have yet, just a lot of strongly-worded suggestions).

     The place is to be put into shape for emergency use if need be, as a bare-bones nerve center for the entire operation.  We might not need it; and it's Plan B to a Plan A.  Plan B will be followed-up by a much larger-scope Plan C of widely-dispersed locations for our various functions if implemented.

     This is the real deal.  If you're a prepper, this is the thing you have been prepping for.*  If you're not, right now would be a real good time to take inventory, maybe dig out those cans from the back of the cupboards that are approaching the "best by" date and enjoy them.  No need to panic -- it looks like a zillion ijits have already done that for us, especially in the paper-goods aisle -- but a nice time to be judicious and opportunistic in what you buy.
* What, it doesn't look like you expected?  Well, it never does.


Drang said...

Oooh, Continuity of Operations! Have a meeting later today about just that.

Just a few weeks ago I joked to the boss that I had learned how to get The Brass to pay attention to emergency plans: Start a Twitter Rumor that would require one. (Salt Mines central monitors social media for things that might impact operations. From time to time they contact us about one -- usually something that leaves us scratching our heads.)

Jerry said...

*What!? There were supposed to be zombies!

Carteach said...

I was already moving from worried to 'concerned'. Now I'm moving from 'concerned' to 'unsettled'.

Roberta X said...

Carteach, I think that is not unwise, based on what we know at this time. There's no reason to head for the hills, but all manner of reasons to check one's supplies and buckle down for next thirty days or more. It will get bumpy and the only question is "how much?"