Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Posting On Politics?

      There's increasingly less and less reason to post about politics: the shared frame of reference is dissolving into an ahistorical mush of ignorance and mysticism, Left, Right and whatever this is.

      Invidious commentators espouse no coherent point of view, preferring to stoke and manufacture outrage, while letting their viewers, listeners and readers take what they shovel out as a substitute for actual news.

      Against such a background, I have little to say, and doubt it would do much good.


Bruce said...

I enjoy your exposure of the weird in the world when you stumble across it. I'd bet Tartiana was ruled by a race of orange haired god emperors, lol !

Anonymous said...

From time to time, someone takes it upon themselves to tell me what I should do about this or that situation. My response is almost always “all things are possible for those who don’t do the work”.

So, with that in mind, let me give you a suggestion :)

You and your large roommate should feature your smaller roommates more often. Yes, I’m sure there are reasons you don’t want this space to turn into Felis Blogus. And your readers don’t want that either. But, I can assure you that those guys are a wonderful antidote to “the news of the day”.

A good photo and some witty commentary beats the hell out of 14 Instapundit posts, 17 Reason Brickbats, and all of the depressing info on Smalldeadanimals.

My dad spent the last 20 years of his career working at the WUNC-TV transmitter site (1965-1985). I like to think I can read a bit between the lines and see what you are up against, though I know much has changed.

Carry on, and God bless!