Monday, May 03, 2021

Unexpectedly Weighted Covers

      Holden Wu, while he is very fond of Tam, often sleeps on the bed with me (and Huck).  I am slightly cat-magnetic, more so when horizontal, in much the same way that some people have perfect pitch.

      Holden, however, sometimes put his own Wu-cat spin on the behavior: every so often, I find my covers firmly anchored on the non-wall side of the bed.  If the bedspread and blanket shift enough, he will make himself a cozy bed in them on the floor, partially rolled up in the covers and tucked under the edge of my platform bed.  He'll usually disentangle without too much complaint if I need to reclaim the covers, often as not relocating to the mattress.

      This is the same fifteen-pound tomcat who still likes to nap in the small, puffy-cuboid enclosed bed I bought even before he was home with us.  He nearly exactly fills it, and snores away happily with his head just inside the little circular opening, a cat-hatch barely wider than his whiskers.

      When we adopted him, we were looking for another tortoiseshell cat like Rannie Wu.  Instead, we found an equally idiosyncratic cat, large enough to more than keep up with Huck.  I'm glad we did.

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