Monday, July 05, 2021

A Holiday Dinner

      The grocery had "aged hanger steaks."  They looked good -- and, I admit, the price was right.  Brugge used to serve them with frites (Belgian French fries) and eggs, but the restaurant fell on hard times and is gone now.  

     The steaks were large, so I bought only one.  Today, I chopped it in half and grilled the halves over slow hardwood charcoal, two great lumps of meat.

     About three times as much as Tam or I could eat, in fact.  It's a relatively tough cut, but very tasty.  The trick is to slice it thin and across the grain.

     Served with baked potatoes, oyster mushrooms cooked in a little pot over the charcoal with a diced red bell pepper and some spices, heirloom cherry tomatoes cut and sprinkled with some "Italian mix" seasoning and a little bit of store-bought vinegar slaw, it made a fine holiday meal -- and there was no question of not getting enough to eat!


Bruce said...

Is that steak also called a skirt steak? I love skirt steak and eggs but it's hard to find nowadays, even at truck stops.

Roberta X said...

They come from the same place -- skirt steak is the longer, thinner cut, hanger steak is shorter and thicker.

If you prefer your meat more rare, hanger steak might suit you better.