Saturday, July 24, 2021


      Grilled a couple of little filet mignons for supper tonight,  Small because A) meat is so expensive now and B) it's better for us.

      They were very good quality, and cooked nicely over hardwood charcoal.

      On the side (literally!), I had a little pot bubbling over the coals with oyster mushooms, sliced carrots and celery, onion and garlic powder and parsley, and four shishito peppers on top.  This is a tasty side and takes just about zero effort other than prep -- you wash and slice the mushrooms and veggies (the peppers only need to have the tops cut off), put it in the pot and set it on a corner of the grill.  It's done when the steak is done.

      A couple of sliced and seasoned cherry tomatoes and (of course) baked potatoes finished on the grill, wrapped in foil rounded out the menu.  The potatoes are a conceit; most of the cooking takes place in the microwave.  But that last five or six minutes over the coals does seem to add a certain something.

      A good dinner calls for good entertainment.  Tam and I watched The Courier, a Cold War spy tale based on real events.  Well done and nicely told.

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