Thursday, August 05, 2021

Happy Morning

      Moderately happy, anyway: my new eyeglasses are here!  Might not have time to pick them up today, since we have some Unexpected Satellite-Dish Work, adding filters to keep 5G cellular signals (and some other folderol) out of the C-band receive system.  (Not only are we not using those giant dishes to listen to your phone, we don't even want to know the phone signal is there!)

      The satellite dish work is long overdue and with any luck, will dovetail with getting the darned thing back into better shape; this particular six-meter steerable dish has been "lost" (it doesn't know what part of the geostationary arc it's looking at, it's just parked) for a couple of years and we should be able to get it re-referenced as part of the process.  Figuring out what you're looking at in the sky has become more and more difficult as digital signals have displaced analog ones: there are a lot of different modulation systems and nearly all are encrypted.  Finding a satellite is only the beginning; learning which one it is can be slow going.

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