Saturday, November 06, 2021

Can't Find It

      Arrived home last night to discover I didn't have the garage door opener remote.  My purse has a pocket that just fits it, and it's normally either there or in the center console of my car.*  I hadn't used it Friday morning because Tam and I left at the same time.

      Thursday night, I had messed around, bringing in a new piece of home-made furniture for my room along with my briefcase and lunchbox.  I'm pretty sure I put the opener in its special pocket then.  Friday morning, I managed to capsize my purse in the back seat of my car, dumping out my cell phone and a pen.   Repeated car and garage searches haven't turned it up.  It might have fallen out at work; the noise level at the North Campus is so high that I wouldn't have heard it.   If it doesn't turn up at home, I'll go up there and check.

      This is annoying.  I started using the former flip-phone pocket of my purse for the garage door remote after misplacing it a couple of times; I gave up the flip-phone when AT&T started to become restive about me walking around with a 3G cellular phone and making noises about sticking me with some ugly replacement.  The cheapest iPhone was a much better option, and integrates seamlessly with my other Apple devices.

      But it doesn't help at all with finding that darned remote.  It may be time for a garage door system.
* The center console only at work, where I'm parked behind locked gates.

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Douglas2 said...

You undoubtedly know this already, (and there may well be other considerations adding weight to the 'replace the whole system' side of the scales):

Most such openers made since the mid 1990's have a 'learn' button up on the motor lump that can accomplish several useful things:

• It can 'forget' all opener-remotes that have been paired to work with the door, allowing you to re-pair only those currently under your control.

• The learn button can allow you to add a new compatible opener. The trick is figuring our which, of all the possible remotes available for sale, is one that will be a 'compatible' one.