Tuesday, November 09, 2021

I'm In!

      So, nothing too odd so far with Blogger.

      I have a nasty headache this morning, the same one I have had since yesterday.  Maybe it's the change of the seasons?  Even with OTC pain reliever, it makes me kind of short-tempered.

      It helps my temper that the duvet (and cover), which went on my bed for the first this Fall on Sunday, is seriously cat-magnetic.  They slept with me all night, nestled into soft hollows at my side. They were napping on it when I left for work yesterday, too.

      Tam found my missing garage door opener yesterday.  It had tumbled from its special pocket in my purse when I was getting groceries out of the back seat of the car, and fallen precisely into the hand-grab area of the armrest in the door.  The interior of my car is kind of light tan (probably something like "champagne" in the description) with dark brown accents.  The door opener is dark brown with tan buttons.  I had not thought to look in the armrest -- and the opener was so well camouflaged that it was not going to catch my eye.  Maybe I should paint the case a bright color.   Yesterday morning, Tam decided the missing remote needed a "fresh pair of eyes," and she was right; it took her about thirty seconds to look where I had not.  What a relief!

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RandyGC said...

CINCHOUSE and I play that game all of the time. SPOUSE1 "Where did I put X?" SPOUSE2, picking up object in plain sight "You mean this X?" Spouse1: "Oh shussh!"

I had some issues yesterday morning and wondered if a front of some sort had passed through. So I sympathize.