Monday, January 17, 2022

Buffalo Steaks And A Side

      Bison steak, actually, little sirloins, and very good they were, grilled over hardwood charcoal with a pat of butter after the first and second turnings, having previously been salted, peppered and allowed to contemplate their fate.

      That was the easy part, and I was in a "lazy Sunday" mood.  We'd had breakfast hash that morning -- cubed potato (one big baker), three scrambled eggs, three strips of bacon and some diced Manchego cheese -- so spuds were out.  I settled on rice pilaf, a small can of mild chilis heated up with microwave brown rice and quinoa plus Peruvian lentils.  While it is not low-sodium, the combination makes a tasty, low-effort side dish.  It went well with the bison steaks, which Tam had received as part of a Christmas gift from one of her employers.

*  *  *

      One of our favorite snacks of late is truffle-salted popcorn.  The flavor is richly indulgent, and it has taken me three bags of the stuff and over a month to realize that of course you can buy truffle salt.  Ordered and on the way, perhaps in time for the next grill session.

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