Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Yes, Tuesday

      I'm so tired of the intractable mess.  I've been reading one of Tam's suggestions and even after making due allowance for Canadiazation of the author's viewpoint -- it is a whole different country, after all, and the guy grew up there -- it's a depressing read.  One of our greatest strengths, the way in which the United States is a wonderful shambling mess of zany ideas, wild notions and a political system that tries -- tried -- to steer clear of the worst shoals and not screw up too badly, is also a weakness and it may break us yet.

      I hope not.

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radiodx said...

I hope not, too. It's sad that the most dangerous thing I do now is attend my synagogue. And the thought of state secession, etc brings the question of if we hams would even exist