Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Caveman Food!

      It appears that Neanderthals and early modern humans cooked up similar meals, back when chipped flint was high technology --- and it wasn't always great hunks of roasted meat.  Nope, it looks like lentils and beans with some herbs were on the menu and, for the Neanderthals at least, mustard greens as well.

      Picture me less than surprised.  The natural world, even "wild" lands, has plenty of things to eat besides critters and hominids are great opportunists.  In particular, humans appear to have an eye (or a palate) for flavorful combinations and a knack for figuring out interesting things we can do with food and fire.  We were harvesting green (and red, purple, etc.) growing things long before we were planting them and may even have been casually tending natural patches of edible growth well ahead of the emergence of large-scale agriculture.  Our teeth tell the story: we're omnivores.  Having evolved to eat whatever we could find, we still eat whatever's good.  In fact, I'll just park this recipe here for future reference.

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