Thursday, December 08, 2022

Well, This Is Nice

      Day Three of a four-day vacation, and I went home early from a late lunch yesterday and pretty shortly after, fell asleep in a chair while reading online.  So I went to bed and spent at least fourteen hours there, mostly asleep.

      I'm up now, but not a hundred percent.  Made a little breakfast but I'm way out of it.  Took a couple of aspirin a few minutes ago, and we'll see what they do, especially with plenty of coffee.  No serious sinus or throat symptoms, at least.


Bruce said...

A classic symptom of a senior.
Recipe for chair sleep:
Sit in chair...

grich said...

Must be contagious somehow. I woke up to the alarm this morning, then promptly passed out. Hard. If it wasn't for the neighbor's noisy pickup truck, I might still be there. Barely made it to work on time.

Matt said...

I have a few packets of the dehydrated chicken noodle soup. Thought I was buying the personal sized items you can just add water and 3 minutes to. No, pay attention to the packaging.

I don't mind Spam on a bagel, but I buy the reduced salt version. Could probably rinse it, too. I should buy some more for the freeze dry corner of the closet.