Thursday, February 29, 2024

No, You Are Not

     United States junior Senator from Indiana Mike Braun is running for Governor.  Like just about everyone else, but okay, fine, he's a career politician, running for office is what he does.

     His ads proudly proclaim he's an "outsider!"

     Yesirree, the U. S. Senate, they're a bunch of....outsiders?

     If the Senate was like any other workplace, the day those ads started airing, Senator Braun would have arrived to find his historic Senatorial desk had been relocated to the steps outside the building.*  As it is, the Senators have got too much gravitas and not nearly enough endurance for the exertion, and the desks themselves are too precious for horseplay.  But stop tryin' to buffalo me, buster -- if a Senator is on the outside, there's no inside left.
* Fond memories of working as a cable TV line tech, in telephone poles and in muddy ditches.  We all carried hammers, to bash in the hardware that held our stuff to the poles and reseat loose climbing pegs, and if your co-workers noticed you "choked up" on the hammer handle, why, they'd helpfully saw off the portion you didn't use.  And the next time you pulled that hammer out of your tool pouch and decided you needed more leverage without looking closely, it'd escape your grasp and plummet down.  If you were lucky, you'd only need to put in for a new hammer.  If you'd parked your truck too close to the pole, a fair-sized ball peen hammer leaves quite a dent in the hood -- or hole in the windshield.
     Yes, this is immature BS, bordering on hazing, but the Senate could probably use a little of it.  It'll keep you aware of your limitations.

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Joe in PNG said...

The sad thing is not that they will try it, but that they will probably get away with it.