Sunday, February 11, 2024

Tomato-Olive Salad

     This works well with a bacon, egg and cheese on toasted rye sandwich:

     Tomato-Olive Salad (serves two)

     9 large cherry tomatoes, cut into wedges, rings or smaller sections
     A couple of tablespoons of sliced kalamata olives (to taste). These are the ones that cut up in pitting usually cheap then whole pitted versions.  Taste is just the same and they save steps.  This is the only source of salt, so use fewer or even rinse them if you need to minimize salt.
     1 Piparra pepper (pickled), snipped into thin rings.  Add more if you want more zing, leave out if you don't.  They are much less leathery and more flavorful than pepperoncini, but you could substitute one them, chopped small.
     1 large fresh shishito pepper, snipped into thin rings, seeds, pulp and all.  Ripe, red ones have mild heat; the more common green ones don't.  The underlying flavor is akin to bell peppers, and you could sub a bit of one if you wanted to.

     This should scale up easily.  You could use full-sized tomatoes, chopped small, but the delicate cherry tomatoes suit it well.

     Sprinkle with dried or chopped fresh parsley and Italian-mix seasoning to taste, mix well and let it sit a spell to "marry."  This produces its own dressing, a mix of the tomato liquid, the olive oil and vinegar from the olives and the sharp vinegar from the Piparra pepper.  While I made enough for two, I got a refill after my first serving, so I'll have to make more if I want to serve it as a side with dinner.  It's not salsa, but I think it would make a pretty good dip for tortilla chips.  You could add onion (fresh or dried) and/or garlic -- there's already a bit of garlic in the Italian seasoning.

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