Monday, January 05, 2009

BDS, BVDs-On-The-Head?

I was never a big fan of our current President. He's no Ronald Reagan -- and President Reagan was no Barry Goldwater. But I digress.

The morning's login brought up the usual froth and bilgewater, including various flavors of political commentary. Quoth The Nation:
The Israeli invasion of Gaza, launched Saturday, might very well be George W. Bush's last and final war crime.
Say what? Now when did that man go and get himself elected Prime Minister of Israel? And since when was it a "war crime" to go after guys who fire rockets into your country?

The writer goes on to tell us that "Israel could easily have absorbed the rockets launched by Hamas, nearly all of which crash harmlessly in remote areas..." (Wonder if he'd say the same if neighborhood hoodlums were sending fireworks through his apartment windows from across the airshaft? Most of 'em burn out harmlessly on the floor....) and when President Bush says, "I urge all parties to pressure Hamas to turn away from terror," The Nation proclaims, "A more sweeping endorsement of Israel's action is hard to imagine." (Also, Hamas is now "right wing." When did that happen, and has anyone told the John Birch Society?)

D00d. Even leaving out the florid hyperbole (also plain bad writing) of "last and final," are y'even botherin' to read the actual words any more, or is it all knee-jerk (and reflexive*)? "Oooo, badness in the word, must be the fault of Teh Booosh." Gah.

I'll almost miss it. Assuming it ever goes away, that is.

Ahh, but he closes by suspecting aloud Mr. Obama's reign might not be any --ahem-- "better," while wishing on a star it might be. Not nearly Left enough, I guess. Can ODS be far behind? Or at least sharks with frikkin' laser beams?
* I learned it from you, man. I learned it from you.


NotClauswitz said...

I almost feel sorry for the Leftys whose brains have atrophied so much and coalesced around that coprolitic gem of "Lied and Died." It's nothing but a menagerie of dead stuff in there; chicken fluff, old bottle caps, and cigarette butts.

Anonymous said...

I think even after Obama comes in they will continue to blame everything on Bush. The Palestinians knew quite well that continued launching of the rockets would result in an Israeli response. Here is a clue to the left: The Palestinians don't want peace; they're entire existence as a people is based on victimhood and pursuing an endless, useless war.

phlegmfatale said...

oh, if only we'd had the option of sharks with laser beams.