Saturday, January 10, 2009

Break Out The Silver Bullets

...There's a full moon tonight! So those of you who suffer from the heartbreak of untreated lycanthropy, better get yourself locked in the basement, 'kay?

...Man, you would not believe what they're payin' for one of those pelts over at the fur company...


Home on the Range said...

And with the upcoming administration change I bet the cost of Silver bullets has skyrocketed too.

Anonymous said...

Winchester Silvertips, perchance?

Crucis said...

I added some silver paint to my LSWCHPs tonight before I went out. It might not be enough to kill'em but it'll put a hurt on'em.

Anonymous said...

load up
load up
load up
your silver bullets...

"It's a shame these slugs ain't real!
I love to hear ly-can-thropes

Anonymous said...

Brigid, they aren't too bad. 230 grain .45 ACP silver bullets are currently only $123/1000.

I've shot quite few of the 9mm and liked them. 147 grain 9mm silver bullets are only $98/1000.

That is less than the price for FMJs in the same calibers.

Joseph, Winchester Silvertips don't actually use silver. That is aluminum that give them the shiny white metal look.