Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me, Too

Atomic Nerds take a little time today for an installment of Buckleyian Repugnitis, expressed by its namesake popularizer as, "Please stay off my side." In this case, it's the sort of supposedly well-meaning and demonstrably ill-informed snatcher-away of nightlights and nightcaps that led me to take a long hard look at my own beliefs vis-a-vis religion and come to the realization that I'm simply tone-deaf on that topic.

...The subject on the Atomic Nerd dissecting-table has his very own brand of blithering insensibility; but don't take my word for it: go, read. No matter what you believe, you'll find it enlightening.

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Roberta X said...

By a slip of the mouse, I rejected an excellent comment to this post. I did not mean to, I can't get it back; if you are still out there, please try again!