Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sick Again

...But not off work. Either I have very seriously annoyed my back, or something. My money is on "or something," and I'll be off to Immediate Care in the miserable snow early in the morning to find out. If I can get there soon after they open, I'll likely get to work on time.

(Tam says, "That's not miserable snow, that's 'eensy-beensy snowflings.'" You guys have no idea what I put up with.... Tamara, being fey. And after she shoveled the walks. The mind fair boggles).

Update: Something Else. I win, yayy. Pass the Cipro.


Home on the Range said...

Trot out the rice bag. Make some tea. I'm not sure what else helps. Pain is no fun, in any format.

I only got about 5 inches out here. Even Barkley, though, doesn't care to go out, content to sleep curled up.

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

word verif: phombe. Zombie with a lisp?

Bob said...

Ever see the movie The Tingler with Vincent Price?

*evil laugh*

captcha: coughth

Brigid's right, it's a zombie with a lisp. Must be from Spain.

Turk Turon said...

Rice bag!

Hope you feel much better in the morning.

WV: barfus

Anonymous said...

Yoga. You need yoga.

Poses for back: http://www.abc-of-yoga.com/yoga-and-health/yoga-for-back.asp

Shootin' Buddy's favorite for a locked back, the upward bow: http://www.fitsugar.com/885472

If you are really locked up, you can use a wall for the upward bow. We used to call it "wall walking" in praying mantis.

Wait, you're in Broad Ripple, it's wall to wall yoga and hair care joints. Go sign up for a few classes.

Get better,

Shootin' Buddy

rremington said...

Therma-Care Heat Wraps!!!!! Especially in cold weather!

Of course I could mention the old joke that if your back hurts, stay off of it....

Hope you find relief soon, it's no fun

Anonymous said...

Kidney infection? I had one. The Levaquin was a lot better for the pain than the heating pad was.

Of course, I was a stubborn ass about it and didn't get the antibiotics until I won the "highest fever of the day" competition at the emergency room.

Anonymous said...

Cipro. Good, it's a fixable, done deal. Glad. Hope you're bestest soonest.

Welshman said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, Roberta...get better soon!

I posted a link about it on The Roundup at The Liberty Sphere today...

phlegmfatale said...

Hope you're well on the mend, poppet!