Friday, January 02, 2009

Good Morning!

Sunny and not terribly cold, for a wonder.

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote, "Words are the gateway to one's soul -- or the lock on that gate." Trite, perhaps, but true. (And never more true than when we're arguing on the internet. Just sayin').

...This morning, my words are the gateway to some serious house cleaning, to which I had best be getting. Also? It's the New Year but I have missed corned beef, cabbage and blackeyed peas. This is a serious omission, which I shall remedy this weekend. Yum. (Blogger's spellcheck believes "blackeyed" is not a word. Ha! The fools! They don't know what they're missing!)

You be good now. Enjoy the day!


Ed Skinner said...

Gotta' big vat of blackeye peas right here in AZ (originally from TN). We added onions and bell peppers this year for a little variety but then had to add the usual tonnage of black pepper to get the pizzazz up to the right level. We delivered our annual "good luck packages" of the peas to both kids and stayed at each place long enough to play with the grandchildren for a while. Of course, the best we can do with the youngest is one single pea, but eventually they'll eat more. But one's enough for a year of good luck.
Good luck in the coming year!

Carteach said...

Oatmeal this morning, although touched by raw honey and cinnamon from Vietnam. Healthy yums.

Enjoy the house cleaning.. :-)

Turk Turon said...

Have a WONDERFUL day, Roberta!

J.R.Shirley said...

Mmm. Blackeyed peas.

I didn't get any either.