Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's another edition of Roseholme Breakfast Hash, this time with day-old cornbread as the starch.

Tam is very fond of 10-01's (mild) jalapeno cornbread, which arrives in the form of a 5"-square slab a couple inches thick, cut once diagonally. That's a generous serving and since it arrives with deep-fried Brie bites and cranberry compote, she's usually got one intact half left over and brings it home for later.

There was one in the fridge this morning. That called for an experiment! I cut the cornbread into small cubes, with about a third of them (and all the crumbs) stirred into eggs. The remainder stir-fried up well enough; I added leftover leeks from Monday and an Anaheim pepper that needed to get et, too. (All this after a few strips of bacon). The eggs/cornbread crumbs got whupped up with some milk and Italian olive salad, and scrambled in the center of the pan. After crumbling the bacon back in, it turned out to make a fine breakfast.

You never know unless you try.

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LabRat said...

If you have a regular supply of such coming in, I have a suggestion for dinner.

Lay your hands on a pie pumpkin (if you can, but I think much easier for you than me) and start with this as a base to play on, and use the cornbread as the bread stuffing. I'd add something sweet in there to play with the jalapenos, maybe dried cranberry, and stick with a salty white melting cheese. Bacon or sausage would both be good, or even both at once...

I promise it's *really* good and beyond the bake time a dead simple approach to dinner.