Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Invisible Man

....Can't help but notice that as far as The TV News is concerned, R-- P---- continues to be The Candidate Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken, despite increasingly strong primary finishes.

Mitt, Newt and even Mister Rick, they can pigeonhole in a word or two. The Trouble From Texas? Not so much; so they ignore him unless there's an easy, one-word shot and there usually isn't.


Stuart the Viking said...

On the last go round, while reporting on the results of something (debate? primary? It was 4 years ago, I'm lucky if I remember yesterday) I noticed the TV News was only naming the winner and the guy who came in third. So I looked it up and sure enough, second place went to RP. I thought "Wow, Maybe the RP nutjobs AREN'T making it all up!"

I think eventually RP is going to become president by attrition. He'll just keep running every 4 years until he wins, just because people don't want to have to see his name on the ballot every time. I wonder if the news will bother reporting on it.


Anonymous said...

I think that the newsweasels are encountering the same phenomenon some of the rest of us do--mention Luap Nor's name out loud, and it attracts his followers, something which is, for the most part, undesirable.

I'm voting for him should it come to that, but I will always seek to avoid talking to his followers.

Mike James

Spartacus said...

The attention the media is giving the candidates can, I think be summed up as such.
Mitt gets coverage because he's the GOP elite's choice to run.
Newt garners attention partly because of history and partly due to his tendency to make an ass of himself, refer to history.
Rick wouldn't even be on their radar if it weren't for the vulgar use of his last name by a vulgar radio host a few years ago.
Considering all of the above, Ru is a pretty mundane wall flower. Maybe he should try showing up for a debate in drag with a blond wig. I'm sure that would get the media yapping about him.

Tam said...

Mike James,

Considering that the same could be said for Jesus Christ, that's praising with faint damns.

DOuglas2 said...

RP has done extremely well by gaming the caucus system, CPAC, and polls. I've a strong suspicion that he has a similar strategy in mind for the convention.

If the collected "anyone other than Mitt" candidates can keep going long enough to keep Mitt from getting the 1144 delegates he needs in the first vote, then all of the "pledged" delegates are "released" to vote for whomever they wish.

Now, what happens if a majority of the people signing up to be pledged delegates for Mitt and not-Mitt turn out to be Paul-bots?