Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gene-Modding Poetry Society Presents:

Walter Xenobia Phipps
Spliced a breed of chickens with lips.
Word got out
(From the chickens, no doubt)
And they gave poor Walter the slip.


Walter Phipps, he took him some eggs
Bred up chickens with all of four legs.
More drumsticks, hooray!
But they quick ran away
'Cos Walt, he broke the gene regs.

Walter got even exciteder
When he crossed chickens with spiders.
"No venom," he pledged --
He forgot about webs.
Turns out spideychickens truss you up tidier.


North said...

That made me laugh this morning! Thank you for that.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Burma Shave!

Stranger said...

No, not Burma Shave. More on the order of that special breed of chicken Henry Wallace's Department of Agriculture developed for the boarding house trade.

They were extra thrifty, meaning they could rustle their own food if the pen was large enough. They were also quick growing, ready to lay at just nine weeks.

They had no wings, but had four legs instead. So all the boarders could get a drumstick and a slice of white meat. As well as an extra prominent "Bishops nose" for those that prefer that end of the chicken.

The USDA put a lot of money in the project, but the breed was a total failure. They ran so fast no one could catch them.


Grayson said...

Thank you very much. I loves me some limericks!

Although I've noticed that some of the best limericks tend to make pubtenders say things like, "YOU. Leave the premises. RIGHT NOW," as they point at me.
I don't know why.... ;)


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