Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kroger Self-Defense Shooter Resigns

(via Karl Ushanka) I'm way late with the story but the gist is, the Kroger manager who stopped a bad guy in the act is...quietly stepping down.

Given Kroger's well-known policy on armed employees ("Ew, no!"), this is about as good an outcome as could be expected. I suspect public attention is what kept him from getting the boot. Not so long ago, they would have dumped him within days of the incident.

So it's progress; not everything we might want, but progress nevertheless.


Tango Juliet said...

That's too bad. Hopefully something better is in store for him.

Montie said...

I'm glad Kroger chose not to crucify this young man over his violation of company policy to rollover and play dead (even if it mean being dead for real), at the slightest sign of force on the part of a robbery suspect.

His response to the whole episode demonstrates a level of maturity far beyond his actual age and I commend him for his quick thinking and decisive actions to save his employees from possible injury or death.

I'm with Tango Juliet in hoping that better things are in store for him.