Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dick Lugar Still Doesn't Live Here Anymore

The latest from Ogden.

Look, Dick, all we're sayin' is -- get a room. Even Senators have to play by the rules. (Okay, Carl -- Senators should have to play by the rules. That they don't is a sure sign of a decaying Republic. Like we needed more.)


Jim said...

Our analogue to your Lugar is Senator Harkin. He has impressive homes in sniff-sniff Alexandria and in The Bahamas. He does seem to vote here by authority of a little shack in Cumming -- the place where his deaf brother lived until his death. It is not widely believed that he could, unassisted, find the bathroom in the Cumming house, however.

Roberta X said...

Dick Lugar sold the house he uses as an Indiana address 35 years ago -- and not to a friend or family member or anyone that it renting him a spare broom closet. He hasn't even a fig leaf of Federal legality.

Anonymous said...

Arlen (spit when you hear his name) Spector listed his residence as Harvey Cedars, NJ. His wife had an apartment in Philly.


I am not a robot

Carl-Bear said...

"Even Senators have to play by the rules."

-urk- -giggle- -snort-

Good one!

Or were you referring to some other spacetime continuum?

Anonymous said...

I called Harkin out on his residence of record at Reagan Int'l one afternoon while waiting for our respective flights. He indignantly proclaimed that he met the residence requirement as edtablished inxstate code. Absolutely no idea that I might want a Srnator who might actually live in the state which hr claims to be an elected trustee of.