Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homemade Pork Tacos (A La Roseholme)

     Okay, homemade from leftovers, some deli-counter roast pork that I'd made for dinner the previous day, stir-fried with a seasoned rice-quinoa mixture and some organic frozen veggies.*  There was only a dab of that, so I sliced even more pork into it this morning and put the back in the freezer.  Nuked with a very generous dollop of mild chunky salsa -- season to taste! -- it made more taco filling than I needed.

     You just put a goodly amount in the warmed taco shell (or soft taco wrapper), top with diced fresh vegetables (I used cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper and celery) and perhaps a little cheese, adding hot sauce if you'd like.  After being frozen and thawed, the pork roast is about pulled-pork texture.

     Not very fancy (and authentic?  Oh, hells no) but hey, it's trash night and I had just bought new sheets and was washing them.  No time left for anything more complicated.  The little cooked-sliced pork roasts from the grocer's usually make three or four meals.
* There's a trick to this.  Those microwave-in-the-bag rice dishes are yummy but high in salt; if you add fresh or frozen-unsalted vegetables about 50/50, you can get the salt-per-serving of the mixture down to something reasonable and not miss out on any flavor.

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