Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturday Brunch

Tam had a burger.  The burger nearly had her:

Me, I went with a nice omelet.
Eggs, Smoking Goose ham, mushrooms, cheese.  Yum!


Roberta X said...

(Tamara is complaining to me, "Nobody commented!" Well, I'm not so popular these days.)

JohnW said...

I would have, but I'm shy.

Glenn Kelley said...

Well I just got here.
Food looks good I'd probably go for the omlette as well.
I don't mean to stare but what does it say on Tams shirt.I'm a compulsive reader.. to know what things say. Thanks.


JohnW said...

Glenn, I was wondering the same thing but was afraid Tam would take umbrage with me staring at her chest. "But I'm just trying to read your shirt, honest!"

Gewehr98 said...

Roberta, she scares me at times. ;)

Roberta X said...

As she should, Gew. I don't scare people. This allows me to get inside their guard.

Her T-shirt says, "Continued unmeasured endless despair however alive." It's Engrish.

Gewehr98 said...

Oops, I meant that Roberta scares me.

When she gets growly on her blog.

Tells folks to naff off.

Toggles comments on and off.

Maintain distance, etc.

Not that I don't understand the sentiment, mind you.

When moderating APS, idjits on intarwebs have forced me to go outside with dog for long walks.

IMHO, folks say things on the web that they'd never have cajones to do in meatspace.


Roberta X said...

Oh, that-- Heck, *I* scare me. I just loathe having to condone (or having the appearance of condoning)certain attitudes that are anathema to my personal philosophy.

At the same time, I dislike throwing out ideas *just* because they make me itchy. People, even more so. So it can be very tough for me to work such things out. Not easy for onlookers, as I won't argue 'em in absentia, though I'll certainly hang the disagreement itself out there for reality-checking.