Sunday, June 09, 2013

I'm Sorry

     But I've had to spend too much time and effort dealing with what appears to me to be plain crazy.  I blame no one for this but myself.  The particular topic is one -- or two -- I usually avoid.  I didn't this time and my good opinion of my fellowman has been thereby diminished.  By my lights, some of you are annoyingly crazy.

     I grew up with "annoying crazy" and sometimes it spilled over into violence.  I grew up with people and topics I had to tiptoe around and as soon as I was old enough and had a job -- age 19 -- I moved away from it.  You don't really have to be thrown across the room or be held against the wall by a hand at your throat too many times before figuring out it should not be happening and the experience has made me over-cautious around some kinds of behavior.  (It's also made me very defiant, right up to the level that has my fight/flight on full alert.  This is bad headspace and I don't like being in it.)

     The original version had a long digression about my personal philosophy or lack thereof, but it's not worth discussion.  It is a very small and trivial part of my life and I like it that way.

     I have renewed my resolution to hold most relationships at arm's length or even farther and to keep them as formal as possible.

     Comments are closed on everything but the H. Beam Piper posts.  Off-topic comments will be deleted.