Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Stupid Gun Tricks!

     Simplest one in the book: Felon in possession.  Decides to take his semi-auto AK-47 for a walk at 0230.  As in "a.m."  Neighbors call police (but think it's a shotgun -- and so very not rabbit season in town, or duck season either).  Of course, upon sight of the po-po, he drops it and runs....  Yes, he's in the jailhouse now.

     No word if he was sporting the COPS-mandated lack of shoes and shirt and it has been chilly of nights, but one can hope.

     (Bonus Parenting Tip: Your children steal from you?  Shame them.  ...Worth a try, I guess, though I'm not sure they're showing much remorse.)


Anonymous said...

They found a sober IMPD officer at 2:30AM?

BGMiller said...

Anon @ 10:03,

Where in the article did it mention the officers were sober? I'd expect that to be a bigger story than the felon in possession.


Anonymous said...

He was SVF at 18 . . . and out of prison? How do you get to be 18 and SVF, even in Marion County???

Shootin' Buddy

Gewehr98 said...

Not a positive example of "Open Carry", was it?

Roberta X said...

No, not an actual example of "open carry:" felons can't carry. Now, if he had been J. Random Guy walking around at 0230 with a longarm and run afoul of Officers Of The Law, *that* might've been a bad exmple of open carry. OTOH, what're they arrest him for in Indaiana? "Public damfoolishness?" Alas, not a chargeable offense. "Hunting out of season?"