Saturday, November 08, 2014

Giant Underground Sucking Sound

     The shade* of H. Ross Perot snickers as the struggling homegrown American meth industry withers under competition from cheaper Mexican-cooked meth.

     You could not make this stuff up and be believed, period.
* (Yes, he is still alive.  That doesn't mean his shade can't snicker.  And a literary construct is way less likely to sue.)


Ken O said...

Those of us from the border region saw this coming. Since about mid 2005 local cocaine has been cut with increasing amounts of meth, with many addicts figuring out what the "new buzz" was and moving from blow to crystal.

Corpus Christi is a fascinating study in drug use; they inject everything here. Meth, heroin and cocaine are all heavily injected, rather than smoked or snorted here.

Joseph said...

I'm reminded of the public service announcement on Saturday Night Live from the Dope Pickers Union: "Every time you buy Mexican or Colombian pot, you put an American out of work!"

I can't find anything about it online, probably because the people who found it funniest can't remember it.

Merle Morrison said...

Is nothing sacred anymore? :) :) :)


Aaron said...

Sadly predictable.

Once Breaking Bad ended its television run, the American meth industry lost its national source of inspiration and innovation.

fillyjonk said...

Upside: fewer houses in the US randomly blowing up from inept meth cookers.

Downside: this is probably another one of those "violent cartel gang" run things.

Actually, I'm unsurprised. I live in Oklahoma and local LEOs have been warning of this for a while.

Turk Turon said...

Are we not even making our own meth anymore? What has happened to American manufacturing!? First the Canadians, now the Mexicans....