Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Bacon, Egg And Tomato Sandwich

     It's good.  And it will restore your faith in the goodness of life, too.

     Tam and I had a late lunch at Chipotle yesterday.  It's a chain fast-food place and for me, the visit was a three-in-one special: first, last and never again.  Taco wasn't anything to write home about, the "medium" sauce was all heat and no flavor, and I ended up with a painful, upset stomach.  It's like a bad copy of Qdoba by someone who has never had decent Mexican food -- or even a good norteamericano fake.

     So a decent breakfast this morning, 16 hours later, is a relief.  ...Y'know, I hate to sound like one of those small-is-beautiful types, but we really did lose something when franchises drove most of the little "greasy spoon" places out of existence.  Sure, some of them were dreadful and over half were merely average; but if you didn't like one, there was usually another one to try a few blocks away, with as many different possibilities as there were owners and cooks.    Now, "average" is about as much as you can hope for, and some chains are simply hopeless.

     I'm happier with my own cooking and if I'm too sleepy or too busy or too lazy to cook, I'll stick with the independents.


Merle Morrison said...

I don't know how it is out there, but here they would prefer that licensed concealed carriers NOT bring their firearms in. I won't, because I will not give them my business. Makes it easier, as the food sucks. I've lived along the border, and my wife is Mexican, so I do know the difference!


LCB said...

Wow. I thought I was the only person in the world who thought Chipotle was WAY over-rated. Most of my co-workers love the place. Me...I get the pork taco's with the medium green sauce. It's ok.