Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yer Kicks Just Keep Gettin' Harder To Find

     But Augmentin'll kick you, good and hard.  My tummy knew it all day yesterday, up close and personal, too.
*  *  *
     And speaking of kicking--  Looks like California stands at the brink of shall-issue gun permits, for which you can thank Peruta v. San Diego and the Ninth Circus Circuit court, the "open carry" advocates who panicked the State Legislature by walking around with unloaded (!!!) guns not so long ago (Open Carry went away in CA in 2012), and their predecessors in the Black Panthers who did the same thing with loaded guns and panicked the state Legislature -- and then Governor Ronald Reagan -- into passing and signing the shameful Mulford Act a generation earlier.

     California generates plots too implausible for the movies and this slow-motion dance, from open-carry and a restrictive "May Issue" process for concealed carry, to unloaded-only open-carry, to no carry, to the courts discovering that an honest citizen was left with no option at all outside their own curtilage, might not have played out in any other state; but it has there, leaving County Sheriffs (who generally control the permitting process) with few options other than granting permits to any qualified applicant.  There are a few last chances for parties opposed -- despite having refused an official request from the State to do so, the Ninth Circuit could still decide to rehear the case en banc. With the State of California unlikely to provide guidance, individual Sheriffs in individual Counties may be reluctant to implement the changes Peruta would appear to require, which will probably result in further legal action; and various municipalities including most of not all of the state's larger cities are likely to fight it, too.  Stay tuned, kids, there's plenty of exciting action still to come--  But Peruta looks definitive; the remainder is just mopping-up and perhaps the end result will be all the stronger for having been well-tested.


Guffaw in AZ said...

How may I state this with gentility?

About F'in' time!

It was a PITA taking a camera bag into a famous amusement park in Ca. (in 1986), knowing if caught with the 1911 therein, it was considered a felony!
Now, at least we're on the road to freedom - not that I want to go back, or anything?


Jeff the Baptist said...

Are you eating any yogurt or taking probiotics? I find they help when antibiotics start attacking my intestinal fauna.

Old NFO said...

Finally... Now at least my daughters might be able to protect themselves!!!

Archer said...

When CA banned (unloaded) open carry in 2012, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth among gun-rights activists, but a few cooler heads predicted that that Act, by removing the only legal method to exercise RKBA where CCW permits were notoriously hard to get, would (eventually) lead to "shall-issue" CCW permits.

I'm happy to see that prediction has proven correct.