Saturday, November 15, 2014

So I Went Back To The Doctor Last Night

     (Guys, I'm going to tun off comments for this because while I appreciate people's desire to help, quack-doctoring makes my blood boil.  In dealing with the ongoing long-term migraine-like issues (very similar to the present mess), I have been down every side-alley and cowpath associated with medicine, and shelled out good bucks to fringoids who used stuff as far-out as electric acupuncture.  To date, what little progress has been accomplished has been done by traditional, conventional Western medicine and even the dullest hack of a conventional M.D. has done well by me.  The far-out guys -- and I'm including neurologists as I have so far known them, sorry fellows -- have proffered "treatments" that cost a lot of money and made me feel worse when they did anything at all.  The neurologists at least have the excuse that even the very best and most targeted of drugs we have for the brain are about as subtle as a hammer; the rest of them, IMO, are self-deluded at best and unethical frauds at worst and that's where discussion stops in my little corner of the Innernets.  Snort all the colloidial silver/electric acupuncture/Reiki you like but keep it over there on your side of the table)

     After two nights in a row of being awakened by pain in my ear, face, neck, left shoulder and back, despite taking my ibuprofen on schedule, I thought I should maybe go see the doc yet again.  I'm still having bouts of dizziness and I've starting taking aspirin and/or acetaminophen offset three hours from the 4x/day ibuprofen.  Yeah, big fun.  Plus the Augmentin is causing severe tummy/GI upset despite taking acidophilus capsules.

     So I called 'em and they called back and we talked about my symptoms and they had me "come on down!"  (You could possibly pass off the main doc-inna-box as a very young Monty Hall but you'd have to upgrade his wardrobe and dial down his friendliness a notch.)  He's added another medication and as soon as I'm civilized today (I made it to the office about 8:30 p.m.), I'll go pick it up.  I slept better last night after starting out flat on my back with no pillow; I have a tendency to sleep on my left side and that's sure not helping the inner-ear pressure on that side.

     Some fun.  I've been avoiding my Mom because I sure don't want her to get what I've got.  Tam appears to have weathered a mild attack of something similar already.