Sunday, April 28, 2019

NRA 2019, At Last

     Ollie North is out and I’m in....  In the press room.  I made a beeline for the coffee, Tam made a beeline for the show floor (wrong, food court: no breakfast today) and I am headed to the big hall next.

     May liveblog if I can — the press room shuts down early.  I don’t know if they’re taking their wi-fi when they lock the door.


Drang said...

Everyone else left already, I'm still wandering around. Quick stop in the media room before they shut down.

dakotared said...

Was sitting in the cafe area to the right when you and Tam walked in. Too shy to say hi but it was classic getting to see you.

Roberta X said...

Well, hi! I know about shyness, but we haven't ever bit anyone. Well, hardly ever.