Tuesday, April 23, 2019


     When a meme supporting or criticizing the President uses the word "insalubrious" when referring to blighted neighborhoods?  That's either Russia's FSB or a plain old nitwit and you'd better fact-check the claims it makes.

     Effective political memes use plain language.  Effective advertising uses plain language.  Who'd perambulate well over a kilometer for an even-toed ungulate with a distinctive fatty hump on its back?


Jerry said...

"Insalubrious" is better explained as a Progressive attempting to signal that they are smarter than the rest of us.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"Who'd perambulate well over a kilometer for an even-toed ungulate with a distinctive fatty hump on its back?"

Me! ME! I would! That'd be nifty.

Roberta X said...

Jerry: Nope; it was first spotted in a pro-Trump meme. I'm leaning towards some ESL source.

pigpen51 said...

I used to try and speak with lofty platitudes and vociferous pontifications, but found that I could not understand what the hell I was saying myself.
Seriously, I read articles in magazines or newspapers, and see them use these 2 dollar words and even though I tend to have an above average vocabulary, for a common foundry worker(CFW), I still am less than impressed. I always thought that the most important thing for a writer was to write so that his or her audience could understand what they wanted them to know. A journalist has to reach a rather large audience, so must write in a manner that everyone from the lucky graduate of high school, to the PHD in English Lit. is able to both understand and gain from their article.
In magazines, the authors perhaps have more leeway, since certain magazines have a slightly more eclectic readership, and the basic high school graduate might not read Scientific American, or Psychology Today, etc. and so the authors can assume that they can use a slightly different tone, and expect to be understood, where in a magazine such as even Time or Newsweek, both somewhat liberal, still must bear in mind that not everyone that reads them will have an advanced education.
As far as memes, I like both those that make fun of people and those which support people, based upon their inventiveness and sometimes plain sense of fun, and I can laugh at both parties, and enjoy good supportive memes for both sides. Even if I tend to be conservative.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Yeah, I'd have walked a mile for a Camel too, back in the day.

But best not to!