Saturday, April 06, 2019

Okay, Now...

     Now I'm back on days, at least for the weekend and Monday (I checked).  The weather today is supposed to be remarkably nice, so I'm hoping to charge up the scooter battery, or find out if I need to buy another one.  Also maybe get a few things done in the yard - there is a scattering of leaves to be raked up, twigs and small branches to be gathered, and I might even do some weeding and add a layer of dirt to the raised flowerbed out front.

     It's going to be nice to get some sunlight.

* * *
     Meanwhile, out in the wide world, India has tested a satellite killer and created an ugly scattering of orbital debris.  Why?  To show that they can.

     I think that's every member of the Space Club having demonstrated some version of antisatellite capability except the EU's ESA, and they still remember WW II (and sat through Moonraker five times).  So could they all please stop now?  There's are people up there, and phone calls,  and the Internet and your pocket navigation system; there's a future up there, if we will only reach for it.  So don't screw it up.

     Also, if you want to see Russia and the U.S. suddenly find common ground, hit the ISS with some damaging debris that injures the crew and see how long it takes for Donald and Vlad to let you know you don't have a space program any more, both cheered on by their domestic opposition and backed up by anti-antisatellite systems that'll leave the rubble bouncing.


RandyGC said...

I don't think the Japanese have demonstrated and explicit ASAT capability to date.

They have been working on ways to clear orbital debris from orbit. Which, I guess if you define an operational satellite as "debris" might be used as an ASAT.

JayNola said...
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JayNola said...

Have you contemplated a battery tender. I have got one on my genset and it's kept my battery good to go for 4 years now. They're fairly affordable and mine has paid for itself a couple times over since I seemed to need a new battery every year otherwise.

Roberta X said...

Japan's like Europe, only more so; they're not going to build any antisatellite system for themselves as long as the U. S. has one and has promised eternal chumship. Besides, the last time Japan got rowdy, things did not go so well for their neighbors, and ended worse for Japan.

Jaynola: I have a battery tender and consistently forget to use it.

Will said...

If your battery tender is used on the scooter, you might consider setting up a spot on your workbench in the garage for the battery. When winter weather hits, yank the battery, top off the water, and plug it in at the "battery station". Leaving the batt in the bike on the chance of a good day to ride may be the problem.

I'm sure the Japanese have designed (and made some/all of the parts) their own sat killer system. As long as they don't assemble it, they don't actually "have" one.

It's been mentioned by pros that the Japanese could be a nuke power simply by taking a long lunch and making/assembling them. I might be generous to give the NORK's a 48 hr survival window if they pop off one towards Japan.

Roberta X said...

The first problem with that is "garage workbench." I....kind of have an MGB in the space where my workbench should be. Yes, I need to admit to myself that I will never make it run again.