Thursday, April 25, 2019

Working Press! Comin' Through!

     Tam and I headed downtown about 1:30 p.m. to pick up our press credentials.  We just got in under the wire at one of the nearby parking garages -- $10 for the first hour, though the rates ramp down significantly after that.  The garage was under renovation, with a couple of floors propped up by a dense and unnerving grid of scaffolding and girders.

     NRA's press room is in the same place as last time they were in town, off the north side of northernmost hallway, about three-quarters of the way west from the entrance.  They've got good wi-fi but alas, the iPad Mini isn't signed into my blog.

     So here's what I wrote:
     Here we are, in the exciting (and well-provisioned) Press room for NRA 2019!  Even though the exhibitor hall is not open until Friday (some booths are still frantically setting up), there are already a lot of people in the Convention Center; the NRA Store is up and running (and looked to be doing a brisk business), as are the food concessions.  Tam wants to keep moving, so off we go; next stop, the camera store.
 *  *  *
     As it turned out, the people in the camera store were anticipating seeing plenty of "NRA people" over the weekend.  The event is definitely photographer-heavy, so that's hardly a surprise.

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Have fun! Wish i was there