Friday, April 26, 2019

NRA, Reaching Out

     Seems some of the demographic outreach of Gun Culture 2.0 is even registering with the mainstream media!

     Of course, the article also mentions the possibility of "hundreds" of protesters on Hudnut Plaza across the street from the convention center (oooh, clowns for the kids!).  That's against the 87,000-plus attendees at the 2018 NRAAM, or 75,000-plus when NRA was last in Indy in 2014.  It's the United States, after all, and there's plenty of room for everyone to make their opinions known -- even if those opinions are risible.

     Today is a work day for me and I am hoping to dodge the road closures associated with Executive Branch visits.  It should all be well south of the Skunkworks where I toil.  --Should be.  I don't know how far north they have welded the manhole covers* and occupied the rooftops, and I don't suppose I want to know.
* Embarrassingly, our local power company's transformer pits occasionally blow their tops, sending manhole covers skywards.  What happens if the cover's been welded down?  I don't want to know that, either, and neither do they.

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Drang said...

I wish any protesters joy in the rain and wind...