Wednesday, April 24, 2019

NRA Convention

     The doors open tomorrow on the 2019 NRA convention here in Indianapolis!

     All the big names will be there, as will the protestors across the street.  I was amused when a announcement of and open invitation to the protest gathering on the "Next Door" forum for my neighborhood tuned into virtue-signalling for and against, until a moderator shut it down.  Look, this is the United States of America, where you can peacefully protest any darned thing you want and just as peacefully cheer it on, and when either happens, it's better to look at the issues and the optics than impugn the character and/or the intelligence of the people waving signs.

     Some of the people opposing causes you support are indeed fools or thugs, or worse; others are sincere.  And the same on your side.  This tells us nothing about the legal or moral aspects of the issue at hand.

     But sometimes, people play dirty -- one or more of the anti-gun groups is encouraging businesses to put up "No Guns" signs during the convention that are phrased in such a way as to legally deny entry under Indiana law; this gives them more leverage to have the police come and throw you out, should you happen to mistakenly wander in while visibly armed.  Here's the skinny: in Indiana, you can carry a gun with a carry permit from anywhere, but property-owners (and, IIRC, leaseholders) can ask you to leave -- and if you refuse to leave, that's trespassing and they can call the police.  The wording on the signs amounts to a preemptive request to GTHO.  Don't be a test case; take your money to a business that wants it instead.

     Me, I'll be at the convention Thursday and possibly Saturday and/or Sunday.


pigpen51 said...

I find myself making the mistake of sometimes trying to engage anti gun people, and discussing in a calm manner, the merits of guns, and why the 2nd amendment is important. Even though I should know better, and I quickly am reminded of why it is impossible to have any kind of discussion with those on the left, especially about their hot topics, such as guns, immigration, abortion, and perhaps a couple of others that I am missing right now.
The thing is, I am a fairly reasonable guy, and willing to actually listen to their arguments, and to look at evidence if they provide it. I have gone and read articles that they have provided, to avoid being an unfair right wing person who won't give them the chance and the respect that I want from them.
Of course, I don't get the same respect, which is why I know I should not engage with leftists, even though some of them are my very own relatives.
Have a great time at the NRA gathering, and meet up with many old friends.

Drang said...

Ahh, Nextdoor, like an HOA with no teeth plus all the additional issues of your randomly selected Internet forum......

I guess we need a place to list local businesses that don;t want our business.

Although one suspects that eateries near the convention center won't go overboard, what with this being the second of three NRA Annual Meetings in the venue in, what, 7 years? 8? This would suggest that the arrangement is mutually satisfactory.

Rick T said...

Oh yes, It is such a good idea to turn away (prospective) clientele to satisfy the demands of random people who couldn't find your business with a map, GPS, and a personal guide, and would never darken the door of such a déclassé establishment.

Monty James said...

Have a good time. Mind the Antifa.

Roberta X said...

You know, Monty, it's a funny thing -- I have never ever heard of antifa showing up at an NRA convention. Now why do you suppose that is?

Tokarev said...

Y'all have a great time. My sweet love and I were planning to attend this year, but life has decided that it would not let us do it at this time. The good news is that the convention will be back in our city next year and so we are already making our plans!