Thursday, April 04, 2019

On The Other Hand

     Two or three hours into my shift yesterday, I looked down and realized I was wearing mismatched shoes.

     Yes, I'd been that out of it while getting ready.  I prefer a particular make and style of show for work -- Merrill "Moab 2" hikers -- and buy them in different colors.  Mine were in two hues.

     The previous night (my night, that is), I'd awakened after about three hours and then spent at least two hours trying to get back to sleep.  Spent my lunch break with my head down on my desk, dozing.  I was still pretty muzzy all that day.

     When I got home, I had a light meal and took one of Tam's melatonin pills, and that knocked me out pretty well -- with the addition of the radio version of Dragnet playing on my Kindle!

     It's not that Jack Webb is boring; I'd found the programs while looking for a script as an example of how he used simple, straightforward sentences in natural-sounding language without becoming dull.  He did it very well; even the TV version of Dragnet got away with a lot more straight exposition than usual, thanks to Joe Friday's matter-of-fact voiceovers.

     That calm speech pattern comes very close to my childhood memories of falling asleep while my parents and occasional visitors spoke quietly in the living room down the hall.  Couldn't even make out the words, just the soft ebb and flow of conversation. Jack Webb's character even sounds a little like my father did.  So the radio shows are a win-win: an interesting story if I'm awake enough to follow it, a soothing background when I'm sleepy.

     Speaking of sleepy, I just realized I didn't pick up my coffee mug, but one of Tam's with a similar design and colors! 


Jerry said...

If you're a fan of Jack Webb, he also starred in other radio programs like Pat Novak for Hire, Jeff Regan, & Johnny Modero.

Roberta X said...

I had noticed "Pat Novak For Hire" as an interesting one to check out. Jack Webb was offered the role of Dean Wormer in "Animal House" but turned it down because "the script didn't make any sense."